We are Heading to Angel Flight Outback Trailblazer

Outback Trailblazer From my short trip to the Outback Australia last year, I fell in love with the place. I almost felt like that I left something behind. Then the opportunity presented itself. In association with Outback Queensland, Stephen and I will be heading back to the Outback to cover the event of the year, Angel Flight Outback Trailblazer 2015! It’s going to be the first visit for Stephen. He’s traveled to 75 countries but Australia wasn’t one of them.

Angel Flight Outback Trailblazer is a charity event that experiencing the real outback bush life while raising fund for Angel Flight. Teams will be driving 4WD vehicles for seven days from Apr 18 to 25, while experiencing the real bush experiences, fun challenges, and explore the real countryside. It’s a charity event for Angel Flight, which flies country people who are suffering the triple trouble of bad health, poor finances and huge distance, free of charge.

We’ll be heading down to Charleville (yay!) to cover the event on Apr 16. To read more about the event, please read the announcement post on Runaway Juno Media.

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