Pizzeria Di Matteo – Naples, Italy

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Neapolitan Pizza

Pizzeria Di Matteo Neapolitan Pizza


Pizzeria Di Matteo






Naples, Italy


What we Ate

Pizza Margherita con Bufala


The Atmosphere

It was a small and rather rugged looking place from the outside. But the atmosphere was quite laid back and comfortable. The smell of the brick oven and wood fire set the perfect mood. Even if Di Matteo is a popular place for tourists, I could see that this place is an authentic pizzeria. It’s always comforting to be around the people who know exactly what they are doing. That’s how I felt at Di Matteo.


Editor’s pick


Di Matteo is hands down, the best pizzeria not only in Naples, but also in the world. Do try the pizza Margherita. The combination of fresh buffalo mozzarella and marinara sauce was perfect. No wonder this is protected by the European Union. For just 4 euros, you’ll get the whole pizza for yourself. Since the pizza is extremely thin Neapolitan style, and also super delicious, it’s not too hard to finish it.


More Info

Everyone in Naples knows Di Matteo. You can find this place here:

Via dei Tribunali, 94 80138 Naples, Italy

+39 081 455262

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