Gray Whale Watching in Baja California Sur, Mexico

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February 15, 2013
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Gray Whale Watching in Adolfo Lopez Mateos in Baja California Sur

Gray Whale Watching in Adolfo Lopez Mateos in Baja California Sur

Gray Whale Watching in Adolfo Lopez Mateos in Baja California Sur

Gray Whale Watching in Adolfo Lopez Mateos in Baja California Sur


Gray Whale Watching Tour in Baja California Sur, Mexico


The Tour

Gray Whale Watching Tour at Adolfo Lopez Mateos in the Pacific (coast of Bahia Magdalena, Baja California Sur).


What we Liked

This was the best whale watching tour I’ve ever been on. With most whale watching tours, it is considered lucky if one or two go by the boat. But we saw more than 10 couples of gray whales in two hours. They gave us so many opportunities to photograph them. Because it is breeding season, there are a lot of mothers and calves swimming together. They like to swim around this water channel because of its shallow water and warm temperature. There’re no Killer Whales in this area, and that’s another reason why this area is so rich with gray whales. Gray whales are mammals that accomplish one of the largest migrations in the Animal Kingdom. They travel more than 10,000 miles from their breeding zones in Mexico to their feeding zones in the cold Arctic waters and back to their breeding areas. Calves are born in the well-protected waters inside the lagoon where cows take care of them and feed them until the end of March.

Gray whales are extremely friendly. If the boat engine is off, they will come and swim around the boat, saying hi. They are curious. When the whales come closer, gently splash water to get their attention. They tend to swim toward the water movement. If they allow you, try touch them gently. I wasn’t that lucky, but it’s possible. Gray whales are protected by Mexican law.


Where it could be improved

I think this area has the best conditions for the whale watching. The small boat was great, the guide was knowledgeable, and it’s guaranteed to watch many whales. I can’t think of anything that needed to be improved.


The Final Word

It would be the best place for whale watching.


More Info

It would be best to organize the tour with your accommodation. Since there’s no public transportation in this area, you need to organize the pick up service from your hotel. The tour usually comes with lunch as well.

You can see more photos of Gray Whales from this tour on RunawayJuno here.

My tour was organized through my stay at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto in Baja California Sur, Mexico.



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