Conveyor Belt Sushi in Japan

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Patrons eat at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Kyoto, Japan.


Sushi is Japanese institution and an export carried round-the-world. It hardly needs an introduction. A favorite place to eat in it in Japan is known as Kaiten-zushi, or conveyor belt sushi. What is a normalcy for a Japanese businessman’s lunch can be a fun experience for a traveler.


What is conveyor belt sushi exactly? As patrons are seated at the bar, a conveyor belt running in front, transports little plates of sushi. Costumers are welcome to choose which types of sushi they prefer.


The sushi is priced per plate with differently colored plates corresponding to different price tiers, typically 100-400 yen per plate. In the end, the plates are counted and the total amount is tallied. You can also put in a special order or make a request to the sushi chef.


Many conveyor belt sushi restaurants are part of a national chain. But occasionally you can find and independent one with good quality sushi. A normal eater could typically get filled up for less than 1000 yen.

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