LOVE Statue – Philadelphia, PA, USA

Philadelphia USA

LOVE Statue in Philadelphia One of the most famous landmarks of The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, is the LOVE Statue created by Robert Indiana. His sculpture in John F. Kennedy Plaza (LOVE Park) was installed in 1976. LOVE was briefly snatched away in 1978, but popular demand brought it back where it belonged. The [...]

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Visiting the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Mutter Museum Philadelphia

Mütter Museum Philadelphia, PA The Mütter Museum describes itself as “disturbingly informative”. Disturbing it certainly is. Last summer we got invited to tour the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. The Mütter is a museum of medical history, run by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the oldest private medical society in the United States, founded in [...]

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Eating at McClellan’s Tavern, Gettysburg, PA

Eating at McClellan’s Tavern, in Gettysburg, PA   If traveling to Gettysburg, PA, eat at McClellan’s Tavern. The main feature of McClellan’s English style pub is the Van Tromp Bar, a turn of the century solid mahogany bar brought back from Brick Lane in England. They say “the drinkers in the old neighborhood mourn its loss, [...]

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