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Wooden table at the courtyard

Fadly @ Back Home Malaysia

Fadly @ Back Home Malaysia






30 Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The best

It is definitely one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed at. They understand what travelers need, exactly.

The best thing about Back Home is that they have lots of extra space for everyone to use. They have a big courtyard, sharing with the on-site cafe LOKL Coffee, small kitchen, sofa on the second floor, movie room, and lobby. There are plenty of places to hang the laundry (which is not so common in hostels), and even dorm rooms are spacious. The personal lockers in the rooms are as big as suitcase.

The big wooden table in the courtyard has been my office for my entire time in Back Home. I was there mainly for work on my computer, and I wouldn’t have done so much without the comfortable table. It was the most popular common area for the guests, but it was never short of space.

If you want great quality coffee, try it at LOKL coffee. The three course lunch special is highly recommended (menu changes every week).

Not to mention, the bed was SO comfortable.


The worst

If you want to be in the air-conditioned room during the day, the lobby is the only place. But they have a fan to use on the second floor. It was never a problem.


Internet Connection

The Wi-Fi connection is strong and fast throughout the entire property.


When I was alone in my dorm, they wrote my name on the door!

When I was alone in my dorm, they wrote my name on the door!



Locker     Free (simple) breakfast     Water (drinking water, hot water)     Travel Information      Movie room     PC     Mini-mart


Best for

Friends     Groups     Individuals     Couples     Family


Ideal for

Relaxing     Sightseeing     Meeting people


Owned by

Local chain



There are many package prices are available. Please visit their website for the price options.



There’s an in-room locker. You’ll need your own lock. There was always someone at the front desk.


Contact Information



Editor’s pick

If I have a choice of staying at 5 star hotel or luxury hostel, I’d choose luxury hostel for many reasons. I’ve stayed at both 5 star hotel and high quality hostel in KL, and I don’t have any regret not choosing the 5 star hotel. I just didn’t feel like home.

I stayed at Back Home for sixteen days, and loved how they made me feel like being at home the entire time. I could see that the staff are like one big family. Good vibe between staff always brings a good energy to the place. They didn’t have a cooking facility, but having real plates, utensils, and refrigerator was enough for me to feel like home. Also, Back Home is located near a lot of local restaurants. The staff knows where is the best. They took me to the lunch place in the alleyway, that I would never found myself, and it was exactly what I needed in KL!


Wooden table at the courtyard

Wooden table at the courtyard


If hostels aren’t your thing, there are plenty of cheap hotels in Kuala Lumpur. It’s also worth noting that there are an abundance of reasonably-priced four-star hotels in the city. Kuala Lumpur has got rooms for all budgets and is emerging as a foodie destination as well.


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