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June 5, 2012

Albany Aqua Ducks Tour in Albany, New York

If only the Albany Aqua Ducks were around when I were a kid.

I remember taking trips to Albany as a child to visit my Grandparents. I remember the Egg, the State Museum, and riding the bus around downtown Albany with my Grandpa.

The years passed and so did my Grandparents. It has probably been a good 15 years before I returned to Albany—and I’m glad I did. The first this we did upon arrival to town was taking a tour with the Albany Aqua Ducks.

If you’ve ever done a duck tour in US city, you’ll know they’re not only fun, but a great way to get an introduction to the city you’re in.

Albany is not exactly on a lot of people’s tourist radar, which is really what makes a trip to Albany enjoyable—because you’ll be discovering a lot. This goes right along with the city’s tourism slogan: An Amazing Discovery. Albany is a historically rich city and we learned tons on our Aqua Ducks Tour.

If you’re not familiar with the “duck tour” it’s an amphibious vehicle tour offering a unique, educational and fun-filled way to see the city. In Albany, you’ll see the historic sites and then splash into the Hudson River for a mariner’s view of the skyline.

For More Info

If you’re looking for great photos of Albany, check out Juno Kim’s photo post: Empire State Plaza and Albany in Photos with huge and striking photos of our favorite city in upstate New York.

If you need help planning your trip to Albany, start with my Guide to Albany, New York.

Albany Aqua Ducks departs from the Albany Visitor’s Center located at 25 Quackenbush Square. They run at least one tour per day, sometimes more.

For more information call 518-462-DUCK or visit their website http://www.albanyaquaducks.com/.

Thanks much to the  Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau for facilitating our trip and the Albany Aqua Ducks for an excellent and memorable tour. Hope to see you again soon.

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